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medical Transcription

Our flagship product, TRANSCRIPTIONBOX Medical Transcription Solutions offers the best in cost-efficient solutions. Whether we deal with an enterprise-scale client, small to medium practices, or solo practitioners,  our flexible pricing and customised overflow rates are geared to address a customers’ specific needs. Here are some of the reasons why TRANSCRIPTIONBOX Medical Transcription Solutions is the best choice for your company:
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Guarantee of no less than 98% accuracy
  • Quick turn-around-time
  • Reliability, Security, and Confidentiality
  • Round-the-clock client support (24/7, All Year Round)
  • Expertise in a wide variety of dictations
  • Ability to manage large volumes of transcription work
  • HIPAA-compliant… Learn More Here

business transcription

TranscriptionBox transcribes minutes of business meetings used by both government agencies and private corporations for public record submissions. Summaries can be provided in formats conforming to your company’s needs or demands. TranscriptionBox can also capture conventions or conference meetings, even with multiple speakers! Our highly skilled transcription managers at TranscriptionBox will work closely with you to understand all the aspects of your business transcription needs. By doing so, we can provide the best possible transcription solutions. At TranscriptionBox, all formats of audio and video files are accepted and will be converted to a text transcript of your choice. We at TranscriptionBox assure you that our knowledgeable associates will deliver all transcription services within the timeframe agreed upon. We also offer real-time transcription projects at reasonable rates. Please contact TranscriptionBox if you require record proceedings to be taken on-site.

Legal Transcription

TranscriptionBox has over 60,000 pages of transcribed law-related interviews, legal research notes, public hearings, administrative & adjudicative hearings and government-furnished recordings. We give firms an edge by simplifying everyday deposition, dictation, and note-taking  tasks. TranscriptionBox’s Legal Transcription service is also flexible to fit the legal industry’s broad and variable needs. We can deliver analog or digital recordings. We can provide our standard 25-line margin-to-margin transcript or use client-provided templates. Most important, we provide the highest level of confidentiality by providing the strictest personnel training and oversight and, of course, the latest in data security technology. With over 100 professional transcribers on staff, TranscriptionBox is capable of handling almost any type of transcription work.

academic Transcription

TranscriptionBox will transcribe into a preferred text format all types of recorded class lectures and discussions. Though available to anyone with an audio to text requirement, our Academic Transcription process is streamlined to aid the specific needs of professors, students, and researchers. TranscriptionBox’s Academic Transcription will help you capture all the important facts in Lectures, Class Discussions, Seminars, Dissertations, Thesis notes, Speeches, and Research.

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