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  • Competitive Pricing -- Nothing beats pricing flexibility that's catered to you and your industry. Starts at 90c/minute for 30min recordings
  • Guarantee of no less than 98% accuracy -- for clear speech content. Contact us for less than clear or difficult A/V recordings and we will find a way to accomplish your goals!
  • Quick turn-around-time -- From 24 hrs for recordings of up to 30 minutes. Other options open when you call!
  • Reliability, Security, and Confidentiality -- Always. For all our services.
  • Round-the-clock client support -- (24/7, 365)
  • Expert-level Dictation
  • Ability to manage High-Volume transcription contracts at negotiated rates
  • HIPAA-compliant's facilities are safe, secure, and manned by highly trained and dedicated professionals who aim to deliver services that exceed client standards. implements training programs that equip our transcription professionals with the unique knowledge to deliver what we promise. clients have, therefore, come to expect services that are consistent, secure, and accurate.


We also know that every business, or industry, have distinct attributes. So we take those attributes and turn them into great opportunities for you. Starts from $0.90/minute for a 30 minute spoken word recording with a 24 hour turnaround time!'s 90c/min is probably the best price in the industry!


Of course, for longer speech recordings, we may even have a better price option for you. If you are NOT in any rush and can do with a longer turnaround time of 2-3 days, we can offer you $0.80/minute of recording! Just give us a call so we can figure out the details!


In these cases, our price vs. turnaround time provides you the most flexibility because it considers the attributes of your business. You may have transcription requirements that require some urgency. We help you with that. Some may have bulk projects that are readily foreseeable, your rates just dropped! See what we mean? Just find what suits you best!


Check out our pricing summary below!


Flexible Pricing Summary

Turnaround TimeLength of RecordingPrice
~ 24 hoursMax of 30 minutes only$0.90 per minute
~48 - 72 hours (2-3 business days)Any length of recording$0.80 per minute
Medical Transcription

Our flagship product,'s Medical Transcription accounts for all the recording obligations of medical practitioners - in all practice environments. Enterprise level, small to medium practice, or single practice? We service them all. We also comply with all HIPAA regulations. Call us. STAT!

Because we've built our business from the traditions of medical transcription, knows all about your needs! We have spent years partnering with medical professionals and are totally in tune with the nuances of the business. You will find our medical transcription highly efficient and intuitive because we've had you in mind for decades! We understand the unique language, and the immediacy of your needs. We deliver highly accurate medical transcription in the form you require. Our flexible pricing and customized overflow rates are designed with the medical practitioner in mind.

That is why the medical transcription service we offer is a cost-effective, accurate, and a high-quality solution for your organization's transcription needs.


Academic Transcription

Perfect for any academic/education environment. Clear of intrusive formatting so you can customize the text formatting according to your presentation needs. will transcribe into your preferred text format all types of recorded class lectures and discussions. Though available to anyone with a speech audio-to-text requirement, our Academic Transcription process is streamlined to aid the specific needs of professors, students, and researchers. Listen to your lectures and seminars while you record important sections that are too quick to be written down. Or take voice notes of important observations in field work or excursion and render it into an edit-ready printed format at a later date, in time for distribution to your students, advisers, or audience.'s Academic Transcription will help you capture all the important facts in Lectures, Class Discussions, Seminars, Dissertations, Thesis notes, Speeches, and Research.




Business Transcription

Imagine yourself in your regular business meeting, with heavy discussions on your corporate planning or new policy direction. With Business Transcription, get a printed document of your business meetings to backup the all important minutes for your company files. Avoid all the confusion as to what was actually discussed in the meeting! transcribes minutes of business meetings used by both government agencies and private corporations for public record submissions. But these minutes could be looooooong. So our Business Transcription provides Summaries which can be provided in formats conforming to your company's needs or demands. TranscriptionBox can also capture conventions or conference meetings, even with multiple speakers! The highly skilled Listening Managers at will work closely with you to understand all the aspects of your business transcription needs. By doing so, we can provide the best possible solutions. All formats of speech audio and video files are accepted. We assure you that our team will deliver all transcription services within the timeframe agreed upon.

And there's more.....Save your AA some time and let us take dictations for you. Just send us your recording and we will produce your desired documents. We also offer real-time transcription projects at reasonable rates. Please contact TranscriptionBox if you require recorded proceedings to be taken on-site.