Medical Transcription

Our flagship product,'s Medical Transcription addresses all the recording obligations of medical practitioners – in all practice environments. Enterprise level, small to medium practice, or single practice? We service them all. We also comply with all HIPAA regulations. Call us. STAT!

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Business Transcription

Imagine yourself in your regular business meeting, with heavy discussions on your corporate planning or new policy direction. With Business Transcription, get a printed document of your business meetings to backup the all important minutes for your company files.

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Legal Transcription

Depositions, Intake Interviews, Investigative Notes, Hearings. has over 60,000 pages of transcribed law-related interviews, legal research notes, public hearings, administrative & adjudicative hearings, and government-furnished recordings. We give firms an edge by simplifying everyday deposition, dictation, and note-taking tasks.

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Academic Transcription

Perfect for any academic/education environment. Clear of intrusive formatting so you can customize the text formatting according to your presentation needs. will transcribe into your preferred text format all types of recorded class lectures and discussions.

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Welcome To Transcription Box

Transcription as easy as putting it in the box! is built on decades-long expertise in taking enterprise level spoken-language Audio/Video (A/V) and processing these into high-precision printed representation. Tempered by the demanding quality and security requirements of the medical industry, has since expanded its services to virtually all industries. Academe, Business, Government, Law, and sometimes even personal or home-based needs. All that technology, security, and know-how we've blended, cut, coloured, folded, and formed into a “box” – just to make it easy for you, our customers. Just drag your speech A/V files into our logo box!

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Why Choose Transcription Box

The driving force behind's successful service is our team of Listeners. Since Listeners are all fully employed, we can attest to the quality of their work and ensure that customers always get quality services. Quality transcription service rests on consistency. Our Listeners undergo demanding training courses throughout their careers which allows them to consistently transcribe through variations in accents, phonetic peculiarities, and even recording interferences. We are able to do this because we focus on listening. So we listen well!'s Solutions ultimately means:

  • Competitive Pricing -- starts at 90c per minute for up to 30 minute recordings. Call us for other package rates!
  • 98% accuracy -- in reasonably clear speech A/V files.
  • Quick turnaround-time -- from 24 hours to your choice of tiers.
  • Reliability, Security, and Confidentiality -- Always.
  • Round-the-clock client support -- (24/7, 365)
  • Expertise in Dictation.  
  • Ability to manage High-Volume transcription contracts
  • HIPAA-compliant

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Order Online In 5 Steps

It's SIMPLE! ORDER your Transcription by following the steps below:


Upload Audio or Video File.

Any audio or video file format of a speech will do. At this time, we only take on English language speech requests, but we are working to add more language options in the near future. For best quality and accuracy warranty, however, speech A/V recording must be CLEAR and free from any interference that may compromise the ability to properly understand the material.


File Is Transcribed.

Once payment is made, your file is distributed to our highly skilled and experienced crew of Listeners. From their ears to the written word. Our Listeners are highly proficient and are able to appreciate a multitude accents.


Work Delivered.

The transcription goes through a final collation, tracking, and delivery to you! We deliver through electronic media for ensured speed and privacy.


Submit Payment.

Once uploaded Transcription Box will calculate the length of your recording and inform you of the estimated price for transcription. Pick a payment method please and we do the rest! Of course, final payment charges will be based on the ACTUAL number of minutes of your speech recording.

At this time, we can only accommodate up to 30 minutes of speech recordings for upload through However, if your recordings exceed the maximum length, just pick up the phone and give us a call and we can arrange to have your transcription done at reasonable rates!


Quality Check

Further rotation and or rotations of your order is made to ensure quality of the transcription itself, as well as of the chosen medium it is to be delivered.


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